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Meet the Staff of Nice Auto Group

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Brent Knisely - Owner

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Thanks for stopping by our site. So, I have been a car enthusiast my whole life. I have always loved two hobbies... Music and Cars. I spent 15 years of my life working in the music business on the side of sales, music publishing, label management, A&R, Engineering and Production. I still love playing, listening to, and working in the music business. I still do work in the music business however, doors opened and opportunity knocked. I decided to open a car dealership because I am very good at three things... People, Technology and Cars. But most importantly people. The people come first, then the cars. I have always been a people person. Whether it's helping customers troubleshoot technical problems, explaining features of a certain product, or working with large music corporations, one thing I have learned is that relationships come first. Maintaining good customer relations, means those customers will... refer other people, give good ratings, and come back again to buy another product. I may not have spent my whole life in the car business (my team has), but business is business, and running a local medium sized business is the same whether you're selling widgets, TV's or Cars and Trucks. You just have to know your product, and have great customer service and support. I know my products, and I have a great team of people working with me! We are experts in what you are buying and can help you in every way. This is why I named the dealership Nice Auto Group! "The Name Says It All". Too many car dealerships, large and small, give the business a bad rep. When most people think of a used car dealership, they think of some sleazy guy with a mustache and sunglasses that wants nothing more than to "get you in a car today". Well, that's not me. Sure, I want you to buy a car from my dealership, but I am not going to pull some "typical used car salesman" talk to get you to buy one. We are "Nice" people, trying to sell "Nice" cars, to "Nice"(or not so nice) people for who are looking for a new vehicle at “Nice” prices. We also list our vehicles at “Nice” prices to begin with, so we are already way under normal/larger dealership pricing. This way, you will see a “Nice” price without having to go through a typical car buying experience of negotiating with the salesman for an hour before deciding to purchase. Because of the reasons above, we are… Nice Auto Group, LLC ---- The Name Says It All “We sell NICE used cars and trucks sold at NICE prices, by NICE people”